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The Difference Between Typeface and Font

What kind of logo will best suit your company’s brand? Whichever type of logo you select, it should be unique to your company. A large factor in that uniqueness is the typeface. For this reason. it’s important to understand typeface and font and what category you should select to effectively communicate your brand identity.

Typeface is the primary design of type. It is how the appearances of characters—letters, numbers and symbols—come together to form a specific style of type.

Font is the implementation of typeface. It is the variation (bold, italic, etc.) and digital representation of that typeface and style. A font uses the selected typeface along with spacing to create the desired final look for your text.

As previously mentioned, a typeface can dictate whether your company is seen as traditional or modern, elegant or laid-back, technical or creative, playful or serious. A font can quickly impart a definitive feeling about your company and brand, so consider what message you want your logo to give. It should be easy to read, identify your brand, and be colored (as we will look at in the next blog) to fit and facilitate your particular industry and message.

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