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Color Really Does Affect Your Brand

After deciding what basic category of logo works best for your company, and what font sends the right message to your audience, it’s time to decide what color or colors to use. This selection should not be arbitrary, but take several factors into consideration.

The first factor to consider is the shape of your logo as it is the most prominent design aspect, is visible from a distance, and can make a logo very recognizable. One important test is, does your logo first look good in black and white, and as good on black as it does on white? Where will your logo be used? Can the shape be resized for large formats as well as letterhead and digital use? Will it still be easily recognizable?

Next, when selecting colors, it is important to understand that there is a definite and immediate response to them in the human mind. What company message do you want to display? Do you want to be seen as dependable? Fun? Warm? Trustworthy? Creative? Bold? Certain colors communicate different emotions and feelings. Using the correct color is important to display your desired company image. For example, red is not the best color to convey you are a peaceful company and black will not express a pleasant feeling.

Here are several standard examples of psychologically linked colors and emotions.
  • Black: credible, professional, powerful, solid
  • Red: urgent, exciting, romantic, fast
  • Green: peaceful, ecological, education, growth
  • Blue: calming, focused, trust, strength
  • Orange: creative, cheerful, energetic, friendly
  • Yellow: dynamic, optimism, bright, positive
  • Purple: spiritual, imaginative, wise, magical
  • Brown: earthly, safe, historical
  • White: balance, calm, clean, spacious

When selecting color, another factor to consider is how will different mediums represent these colors? How accurately will your selected spot colors translate to CMYK for printing, or to RGB for digital use? For branding, it is important to select colors that will remain consistent across all mediums your company uses.

If you consider all of these factors, the proper combination of typography, graphics, shape, and color, will result in a strong logo that correctly represents your company, and provide a good start to a solid brand.