Attending a trade show is an effective way to gain exposure for your company and gives you the opportunity to interact directly with potential customers. You’ll have the chance to talk one-on-one with you target audience while demonstrating your product or services. The first step to reaching these new clients is creating an eye-catching, appealing booth that will intrigue the viewer and urge them to approach you for more information. Your presentation at trade shows will directly affect the amount of traffic your booth receives. This is why you want to keep your brand image and message in mind while designing your booth.

Include Corporate Branding

When designing a trade show booth, you should envision the final product as an extension of your brand. You’ve already set up brand guidelines that explain how your company image should be portrayed, from the logo, and colors to typography, and beyond. These guidelines should also be applied to your trade show booth design. Include your company logo, so you are recognizable to the audience and stay within your company color scheme. This will help people recognize your booth from a distance, or if you are a new company, it will start building your company’s identity among the audience members.

Consistent Brand Image

Another key point to keep in mind while designing your booth is maintaining brand continuity, and this goes hand in hand with incorporating your brand image. Every piece of marketing you produce, whether it be a website, online advertisements, or printed marketing materials, should have a consistent look to them. This applies to your trade show booth also where every element from graphics, signs, promotional pieces, and giveaways should have a united, recognizable look that is unique to your company. Your main graphics should match every material you will hand to a customer including business cards, brochures, and flyers. Every detail is important from the table cloth design to the carpet color, make sure you are creating a consistent image that has a cohesive look and feel.

Hierarchy of Message

While designing your booth structure and backdrop, think about both the graphic and text elements you will include. Make sure you use crisp, clear graphics that tie in with your company’s service or product. Also, take some time to think about what text will be included. Don’t treat your trade show booth as an opportunity to include a running list of all the features of a product; the text will be too small to read and not be very effective on the side of a booth. Instead, you want to focus on one clear message that will grab the audience’s attention and prompt them to approach your booth for more information. When they approach you can talk to them one on one, give your sales pitch and more detailed information the product. If you have one distinct message that is unique to your business, it will set you apart from the other similar companies in attendance and a potential customer will be more likely to remember you in the future.

In an exhibit hall of possible hundreds of booths, your goal is to make sure you stand out, will attract your target audience, and be able to reel them in to get that in-person conversation started. Building a visually stimulating booth design with an eye catching message will reel in attendees and turn casual viewers into valued customers.

To view some of our trade show booth design visit our portfolio page.