Using video as a marketing tool is one of the fastest growing trends in interactive media. A well-designed video can capture and engage your target audience and bring new exposure to your business. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when creating a promotional video that will help you attract new customers.

First, think about your target audience. This isn’t just “anyone” willing to hire you or use your services, there is always a specific customer, and you should have them in mind. Brainstorm ideas about who that person is and as you’re writing imagine what that person wants to hear. Think about why they would use your product and what key points will be appealing and spark their interest.

While in the brainstorming stage, think about what your potential client might want to do after watching your video, or more importantly what action do you want to prompt them to take? Do you want them to call your office? Like you on social media? Share your video? Make sure you tell them at the end of the video, or they may not think of it themselves. Providing them with an action they can perform after watching your video is a great way to increase engagement with your company and keep your audience thinking about you and exploring your various social media channels or website.

After the initial brainstorming session, the writing can start. Writing should be a group effort, if the script is going to represent the company as a whole, there should be more than one person writing and editing. Bring in people that are experts in different areas; everyone will bring a unique perspective, leading to a well-rounded script.

One you have your writing team in place, figure out the basic structure of the video and create a storyboard. Once you have an outline, start filling in the holes with actual content. The initial outline will help you get the big picture of the script, and you’ll be able to see if the flow makes sense. This will also make the entire process run smoothly as you won’t have to go back and make major changes later.

When writing your script, the first question you need to answer is what’s your hook? The hook comes at the beginning of the video and catches the viewers’ attention, reels them in, and keeps them watching. This can be anything – it can be a good introduction that relates to the topic you’re about to show, or a cool graphic, or even a bold statement. If you don’t grab your viewers’ interest right away, they will find a video that will. I always believe that the first 30 seconds of a video is what prompts your audience to stay or close the window tab.

Overall, keep the video simple, straight to the point and watch the length. A short video with a powerful message is better than a long video that doesn’t make sense. Throughout the video be sure to highlight the key points about your company you want to convey to your audience. At the end lead them to your website or social media channels so they can learn more. If you’ve produced an entertaining video, they should be intrigued to keep exploring and discover more about your services.

Lastly, if using a music background, make sure it fits with your story’s flow and feel. You wouldn’t want sad background music while a happy video is playing, would you? The right music can complement great visuals and script and lead to a successful final product.

Incorporating these steps into your video production process will provide an effective marketing tool you can show to current and prospective clients. Use the power of video to your advantage!