Now, ladies this isn’t a fashion shoot. We aren’t trying to look like Heidi Klum with our hair in big messy curls blowing in the wind. Your hair should be natural, and how you would wear it when walking into an audition or meeting a client. It should also be simple, so you aren’t distracting from your face. You can usually style your hair yourself for this type of shoot. With that being said, try and get an honest opinion from someone who loves you about how well you style your hair on your own. If they tell you, or you know already, that your skills aren’t working for you, now is the time to learn. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for hair styling lessons (do they even have those??).

Step one: hire a hair stylist for your shoot. This person can be your mom, best friend, or a professional. A hair stylist knows how to play up your hair in a natural way that reads the right way on camera. They will also stick with you throughout your shoot, so you don’t have to worry if it’s staying in place. As long as it is someone you trust, and in the case of a relative or friend, someone who has proven they can do a good job, you’ll be headed in the right direction.
Step two: pay attention. Look at what they are doing and how they are doing it.
Step three: ask questions. Ask your stylist to describe what they are doing and why it’s making you look so great. Step four: rock your awesome hair in your photo session.
Step five: practice! Go home and try to recreate how your hair looked on the day of your shoot. Practice makes perfect, and it’s the only way to improve your styling skills.

Gentlemen, you have it a little bit easier. Same rules apply; keep it the way you usually wear it and a stylist will look out to make sure it’s staying where it should be. Don’t forget that flashes and lights will be on you, so if you put so much gel in your hair that you are creating a glare in your picture, it’s time to tone it down a little.

This next part goes for everyone. Listen carefully. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get your hair cut or colored the day before your scheduled photo shoot. This gives you no time to fix anything that may go wrong or to get used to your updated do. Give yourself, at least, a week, preferably 2 weeks, to allow your hair to look the most natural. This may seem silly, but you can tell in a photo if your hair is freshly cut or colored. It can make you look like a mannequin. So do yourself a favor and let your “natural” blonde set in a few weeks before taking a photo of it.