Testimonials can and should be used as an effective tool for promoting your business. Testimonials are written or spoken statements from customers providing a positive review of your service or product they used or were provided. The customer will usually speak about the excellent customer service they received, the high quality of a product, and how they have come to trust and rely on your company for a specific purpose. Testimonials are a great way to have your customers speak about your credibility and the confidence they have developed while working with you. Adding them to your website will serve as a powerful marketing tool that allows potential customers to see your company from a personal perspective.


Why Are Testimonials Important?

A businesses success can rely largely on word of mouth, especially for smaller businesses. A testimonial is a very personal message about the legitimacy of your company and will be attractive to other potential customers looking for a company like yours. Showing your target audience written, or spoken proof from their peers that you can help them, is a powerful marketing tool that generate a larger customer base.


Why Are Testimonials So Effective?

Build trust – A testimonial will tell a positive story about your business, service, or producing. Having an outsider who utilized your service tell a story will build trust among other potential customers. They will see that you are a legitimate company and will be more inclined to reach out to you if they see another person like them speaking about the positive relationship they build with your team.

Give you credibility – Testimonials will also build credibility around your company and prove that you can deliver exactly what you promise in your mission statement. Having a customer promise written on your website versus having a satisfied client speak about how pleased they were with your service are very different marketing tools. The client that says you were able to do exactly what they wanted and you help boost their business will have a much larger impact on potential customers. A testimonial will prove you can meet customer expectations, strengthen your level of expertise and boost your reputation in your community.

Not a sales pitch – A testimonial is not you writing about your brand. They serve as a break from your brand voice and instead allow you to show your company from a more personal perspective. New customers know that you aren’t trying to sell them something but rather show satisfied clients express their positive review of your company.



If you are wondering what the best way is to ask for a testimonial from a client, ask them to tell a story in three parts.

Part 1 – Where was their company before they contacted you?

Ask them to give a little back story about their company and why they contacted you. Maybe their sales were lagging or they weren’t attracting the right type of customers. If they offer some background information about why they contacted, you it might prompt other people to realize they are in the same situation and could benefit from your service.

Part 2 – How did you help them? What did you do?

Ask them to explain what you did for them, what service you provided or what product you sold them. If they talk about what you did it will provide the audience with a more relatable description of your services.

Part 3 – What was the result? How did their own business benefit?

Ask them to speak about the final result when you were finished working on their product and how it helped their own company. If they run their own business, ask them to speak about how sales increased or visitors to their website became more frequent. Depending on what service they requested ask them to address the direct impact working with your company had on their professional life.

Talking about where they started, how you helped them and the final result will paint a complete picture and tell a comprehensive story about what your company can do to help others.

Credibility, building trust and strengthening your level of expertise in the eyes of your customer base are essential to running a successful business. Testimonials are an effective tool to fulfill this goal and should be included on your website to increase your online visibility. A personal message from you most satisfied clients can go a long way in bringing in new customers.