Chocolate and valentine’s cards are always sweet , but building loving relationships with clients and customers is even sweeter. Here at The Studio we enjoy sharing the love with our clients and helping them reach their marketing goals 24/7 all year round, but in honor of Valentine’s day, we have a very special gift just for you.  Here is our list of sweet marketing ideas that are sure to make your client feel the love.

1. Monthly Offers

The  use of sales offers, discounts and deals is necessary  to drive customer acquisition and maintain customer relations in today’s buying market. In fact, in 2016, THE CMO Council reported that 71% of internet users claimed they were influenced by coupons and discounts upon making their purchase decisions. We’re going to kick off our list with the most traditional method of couponing used: Monthly and Weekly Offers.

Discount sales are often used at the end of a month or quarter to increase revenues and meet projected goals.  It is also a good idea to send out coupons that are only redeemable for new customers and then follow up with monthly discounts to keep them engaged.

From there on, make sure to always deliver something of value to your established customer base.  Send compelling and targeted offers that nurture an ongoing relationship. However, be mindful with the  discounts you promote. You don’t want to frequently discount items too often . Instead, you may want to advertise a new product to keep customers interested.

2. Email/Newsletter Subscription Offer

As we previously stated, reeling a customer in with an enticing initial offer is key to finding new clientele. One great way of doing this is by putting out an attractive subscription offer. By providing an offer in exchange for visitors emails address, not only do you increase the chance of a conversion, but you also get their email, providing you with the opportunity to market new products and offers to them in the future.

Example: Sock Fancy, an online retailer of unique socks offers 15% off your first purchase for signing up to their newsletter.



3.Offers for Liking, Following and Sharing On Social Media

This one is a particularly intimate way of building long lasting and close following with your customer base. Giving visitors and customers a great incentive to share your store with their own  social groups can be an effective way to create some inexpensive marketing by  word of mouth.

It’s important to Make sure the promotion’s compelling enough to make your followers feel special. One great perk of social media coupons are that they are very shareable on many different outlets. Followers can easily pass the deal along to their friends and family, making it a great sales platform.

4. Abandoned Cart Offers

With close to 65% of all online shoppers  abandoning their carts, “abandon cart” email offers can be a powerful method to potentially bring those people back to your business. Put the spark back in your relationship with your customers by offering them personally targeted promotions .

Example: Bed, Bath and Beyond gives you 20% off for returning to your online shopping cart.

bed bath

Are you an online retailer interested in this outreach method, but aren’t sure how to get started with it? There are several plugins on the market to help you with that . There are a variety of different discount themes offered, including coupons in exchange for likes, percent offs for shares and referral deals.

If you are a business looking for additional guidance in rekindling your relationship with your customers, be sure to contact The Studio.