Shooting on location or in a studio both have pros and cons. Deciding which option is best depends on the type of project you’re filming and the desired look of the final product. Here’s a short list of the most basic pros and cons for shooting on location and in a studio.

On Location Pros

  • It can be cheaper than having to construct large sets.
  • You can also use non-union labor to save you some money.
  • The illusion of realism is easier to convey, real life wear and tear  and architectural detail is hard to construct.
  • You have access to a location scout, which makes it easier for you to find popular locations.
  • Great for low budget filmmakers.


On Location Cons

  • Lack of control on the environment. Weather conditions, traffic and noise, can become issues when shooting outside.
  • Privacy and security can be an issue when shooting outside. Curious strangers may be tempted to wander onto your set.
  • If you have a multi-day project overnight, security can be hardas you might not have a storage facility to keep your equipment safe.


In Studio Pros

  • You’re able to control your environment i.e. light for your scene, traffic control, and other environmental related noise. You can avoid unwanted airplane noise, unexpected weather changes and don’t have to adhere to any city regulations for filming.
  • Easier to shoot special effects.
  • Sound recording is a lot easier because you have environment control.
  • You can create extraordinary worlds on set that you need for your project, whether it be magical, historical, or futuristic.
  • Ready access for big scale equipment to make your shooting a lot easier.
  • Privacy – you can control who has access to your set and will not have curious people walking by and trying to enter the set.
  • Security – you can lock up and secure equipment if you take a break or need to leave it overnight in the studio.
  • Availability – sometimes renting out a location can be cumbersome if it’s not available.


In Studio Cons

  • It’s harder to create realistic or everyday, ordinary sets.
  • Cost may be a factor if you’re on a tight budget. Renting a studio and bringing in props can be more expensive than using a natural setting outdoors.

Here at The Studio, we offer both on location shoots and have a studio available to rent. If you need an on location shoot or need an event filmed our experienced videographers can come to you. If you’d rather rent out our studio and film on our green or white cyclorama that’s an option too, either way, we can help you achieve the best result for your project.

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