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Web development is a broad term to cover all the moving parts of your web presence. These days it is so important that every business have a web presence for two main reasons. Current clients or prospective clients that have heard of you will often want to check out your services online and having a great web presence legitimizes the seriousness of your business. The second and probably the most important reason is that with the yellow pages on the way out, this is how people are now finding businesses to patronage.

Once you have decided to start investing in web development and your web presence, or updating a previous one, there are several things to consider.

Who should build my site?
What content do I need?
How will the site function?
What is my budget?
Will the site be mobile friendly?

Where will I host my site?
How often do I need to update my site?
Will I be able to make updates?
How do I incorporate social media?
What do I need to do for SEO?

We know all these things can seem daunting and we are here to help as much or as little as you want. We take creative design, cutting edge technology, and a marketing eye for content detail to create a website that will work for you and can grow with you as your business grows.

Ready to build a website?

Content Management Systems

We build the majority of our websites on a content management system. This means the site is built with an easy to use backend system, allowing you to manage content updates as well as promote SEO (search engine optimization). We create custom template designs for each project to meet your business needs.

We even offer training! The minute your website is live, we schedule a one-hour consultation to teach you how to use and manage your website. If you are dreading the thought of learning the ins and outs of your website – we can handle that too. We offer inexpensive maintenance plans and SEO plans, because after all, who knows your website better than we do!

Wordpress is trusted by over 60 million websites for their content management systems.

web development with content management systems - The Studio WLV


web develpement maintenance by the studio wlv

When it comes to your website, you aren’t done once the web development is over. Your website is now a living breathing portal to your online market. There are a couple reasons why you will need to update on a regular basis just like you would with any networking or marketing tool. The first is to keep up with the constantly changing technology of the WWW, browser updates and software updates. The second is to keep your content for your viewers fresh so they will feel engaged and keep coming back to check on your latest updates. Lastly, a big component of search engine optimization (see our Digital Marketing page for more SEO information) has to do with original and relevant content.

You will want to publish press releases, update testimonials, add blogs or various industry articles, or highlight an upcoming tradeshow. It’s also important to keep your company information up to date by featuring your current executive team, highlighting new services or products, and other areas of your business that might evolve. If you have the know how to update your website – we applaud you! If not, you have two options – you can hire us on a case by case basis, or you can employ a maintenance plan. You will save money in the long run by utilizing a maintenance plan. But regardless, if your needs are little or great, we can help keep you up to date!


Content creation can be the most challenging part of web development. Not only is content and imagery important to clearly represent your services and business brand to your viewer, but it needs to be displayed in a quick, to the point way that does not make them have to work to figure it out. Sometimes our clients want to write their own content and provide images, which is great for those who know how they want to brand and market their company, but if you aren’t sure where to start, we’ll help generate what your site needs. Content doesn’t just stop there! You then need to make a plan to update and keep your business relevant on the web. We can help you with that too.

Tips on content creation

  • Primary sell vs. secondary sell – direct your customer on a path that peaks their interest and entices them to learn more and engage.
  • Include images that are clear with or without text
  • Update content regularly to maintain audience interest
  • Include a news or blog section with at least 5 articles
  • Keyword heavy page text – have 3 keywords to every 10 words
content management web development - The Studio WLV

Mobile and Responsive Sites

mobile and responsive web development graphic

Did you know that more google searches take place on mobile devices than desktop computers? That means people are most likely visiting your website from their phones and it is vital that your website be responsive or mobile friendly. What is responsive, you say? Responsive websites scale images and text to fit the screen size. That means no matter if you are visiting a website on your tablet, iPhone, or Android phone it will look flawless! With a responsive website you build it once and it will scale to fit all different sizes and formats. This ensures easy viewing on any device so your customers don’t miss out on any information. With more and more viewers visiting your site from various devices, you can’t afford to miss out on having a website ready and waiting for them.

60% of online traffic now comes from mobile –comScore report


If you build it, they will come! Everyone loves to shop online, so why not offer your products there too.

Hold your horses…We can help you build it, but you will need to do a little leg work before we can set things up.  You will need to figure out what secure payment gateway you plan to use for payment processing like paypal or authorize.net.  Then you will need to figure out shipping and handling details.  Unless you offer your products as a flat rate, you will need an online shipping calculator for your chosen shipper (USPS, Fedex, UPS) which we can setup for you, but you will need to know the weight and size of every product for it to work properly. So, yes we can do eCommerce but please provide us with the details we need for web development including product descriptions, costs, specifications as well as the above mentioned. Then, Happy Selling!

web development for e commerce

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