Video Production

Video Production: the name says it all! Here at The Studio, we offer a wide range of video services including a fully lit green and white screen video production studio. We offer everything in video production, from soup to nuts. Whether you are looking for event filming, an on-location shoot, or just need someone to edit photos and videos you already have, we’ve got it covered. Our skilled team provides the expertise you will need for any video project you can imagine.

We specialize in a variety of video projects including:

Web videos
Highlight reels
Event videography
Corporate videos

Training videos
Green screen videos
Product demonstrations
Motion graphic videos
Picture slide shows

Have an event or video project in mind?

Event Videography

If you have an important event or special occasion such as a live performance, sporting event, or even a large conference, we’ve got you covered. We offer videography for any type of event, large or small. We’ll determine your audio needs, lighting needs and the number of cameras and operators based on the size of the event and what you have in mind for the finished project. This might be a highlight of the event or real time documentation of events.

We can also work within your budget and create a proposal based on your guidelines. If you have a vision for the final project or if you need help planning the overall concept our experienced video crew will create a storytelling masterpiece.

Pre-Production Planning

video production studio pre production planning

Have a great idea for a video to show off your business? Want to put together an employee training video but have no idea how to write a script or create a storyboard? No need to worry. With our technical know-how, marketing knowledge, and eye for detail we can turn your idea into a fully developed concept. We can guide you through the pre-production phase to make sure you have all the necessary components to make an impactful video.

Did you know:  People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they see and hear!

Post-Production & Editing

Once your footage is recorded, the fun part begins – putting together the puzzle pieces.  Our editors work to make every detail of your finished product shine by fine-tuning timing of the shots, music selection, and color balance. In addition to driving the creative aspect of post-production, our video experts will also know the best way to maximize your video output based on its intended use, whether it’s for web, DVD, Blu-ray or broadcast.

Want copies of your new video? We also offer duplication services at our video production studio.

video post production studio on laptop

Voice Over Recording

video production voice overs microphone in studio

Many product demonstration videos or motion graphic explainer videos work best with narration, and we can help with voice over recording. Whether you want to provide talent or need us to find the perfect voice for the project, we can get it done. Did you know that we have a full audio studio on-site? If you need a place to record your voice over or any other audio clips, let us know! We have the equipment and knowledge you need to add the finishing touches to any media project.

Motion Graphics & Titling

Breathe life into your graphics with movement. Whether you want to add a custom greeting to your videos, illustrate a complicated process, or just add an element of fun to your website – our artists will build custom motion graphics that wow! Video effects, special titling, or graphic animations can be a great way to enhance your project and make your message more captivating. Our artists will work with you to develop a look and style that reflects your vision or brand.

Reasons why animation and motion graphics is a great marketing tool: Limitless – there are no boundaries. Transform complicated ideas into simple graphics.

  1. Engaging – movement grabs attention and it’s just more fun to watch.
  2. Memorable –Motion graphics that include sound will be something your customers won’t forget.
  3. Boosts SEO – entertained customers stay on your website longer and that boosts SEO.

What are you waiting for?