Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a huge part of all the services we offer at The Studio because we believe you shouldn’t just build a website or a brochure, it should have marketing strategy and thought behind it. We offer all types of Marketing from Web to Search Engine Marketing. For clients that are interested in a strategic plan, we offer various levels of support from a quick think tank session to a fully discovered ongoing partnership.

Building a successful marketing campaign revolves around understanding the demand in your industry, the motivation of your customers and finding opportunities for your company. Here is the 4 step process we follow to help your business succeed.

Discovery and Market Research

Regardless of how well you know your own business, we will need to do some level of discovering “why” you do what you do and “why” your customers need you. It helps you learn how customers perceive your business and often illuminates areas where you can improve. And let’s be honest, when you are in thick of day-to-day operations it can be hard to take a step back and really evaluate your business marketing. We start by doing a thorough investigation of your company, your competition, and how you are placed in your industry. We deliver a detailed report, complete with recommendations for various initiatives and marketing strategies, including search engine marketing, that will work best for your organization.

Search Engine Marketing and Web Marketing Discovery - The Studio WLV

Strategy and Planning

Search Engine Marketing Services at The Studio WLV Strategy and Planning - The Studio WLV

Once we gather all the information from the discovery phase, we collaborate with our clients and key team members to develop a more in-depth, comprehensive strategy with your specific goals in mind. For our design, website projects, and search engine marketing, this can result in various planning documents, including recommended site map, wireframes, content outlines, editorial calendars and style guides. These plans will help all involved stakeholders understand the specific solutions being recommended and the framework for executing and implementing them along with necessary budgeting.

Once we are through the details, our clients can make an informed decision on what they would like to move forward with whether that is the whole proposed marketing calendar or just a few initiatives to start.


LIGHTS. CAMERA. And Now it’s time to put your plan into ACTION! This will likely be a mix of several of our media services to really help your brand shine.

  • Brand design overhaul
  • Creation of new brand guidelines
  • Cohesive marketing materials
  • Website enhancements
  • SEO implementation
  • Social media campaigns
  • Tradehow prep
  • Email blasts
  • Video vignettes for your site
  • New product packaging and launch
Search Engine Marketing Implementation Puzzle Piece - The Studio WLV


Web and Search Engine Marketing Analysis - The Studio WLV

Show me the money! After we launch your campaign we keep track of each marketing item implemented and determine their level of effectiveness. We will see which marketing channel had the optimal impact, measure consumer growth and continue to develop and refine your marketing tactics to increase your ROI using tools like:

  • Website analytics
  • SEO monitoring
  • Social media engagement tracking
  • Email campaign click through rates
  • Response rate for mailers, events

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