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Digital marketing and SEO is vital in today’s fast-paced technology driven world. This involves implementing marketing tactics using all digital technologies available today, like social media campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, networking on LinkedIn or Twitter, keyword filled content and metadata for SEO, or outbound marketing efforts with blogs and email campaigns. We can help you understand all the tools available and establish a strong digital presence.

What is SEO?

Ever wonder how a search engine compiles its results page? Or how companies appear on the first page? A key factor in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine results page.

There are two approaches to increasing your chances of appearing on the first page of search engines results;

Pay Per Click (PPC) and organic ranking.

PPC is a method of internet advertising that directs traffic to a website where advertisers pay the publisher every time the ad is clicked. Pay per click ads are sponsored and purchased ads on a search engine results page.
Organic search results appear on a search engine results page because they are relevant to the search terms the person entered in the search bar. They do not appear as advertisements and the website owner does not pay when a customer clicks on the website link.

PPC Advertising

If you decide Pay Per Click advertising is the right route for your company, we can help guide you through the process and help you manage your campaigns so that your ads rank well on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. PPC is great if you are launching a new product or need leads quick; however, it is a bidding war against other companies paying for attention on the same words, so you have to beware that you can easily spend a fortune getting caught up trying to outbid companies with deep pockets.

We start by selecting relevant keywords with you and search out any niche keywords that might get more bang for their buck. Then we can advise what a realistic budget might be based on the cost of those words and clicks you would like to achieve. Next, we monitor and report to you with recommendations on how to improve your campaign. Quick reminder though that once you capture these clicks or leads, the content on your website needs to be compelling enough to convert them to actual customers.

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Organic SEO

The Studio WLV digital marketing firm provides organic SEO services

Oh, the enviable and elusive page 1 ranking! How do you get there without Pay Per Click? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula and don’t let anyone promise you there is (or it is probably bad juju techniques that can get you blacklisted). With so much competition in our ever growing WWW, browsers like Google are forced to update their search algorithms on a regular basis to make sure the most relevant sites are popping up for keywords.

So what are the things we can do that will make you seem more relevant in Google’s (or the likes) weighted scale? This is where the fun starts because truly it is like creating a masterpiece without knowing what the final image will be. As a digital marketing and SEO firm, we know the right techniques but how they go together in your specific industry with your unique brand is the art. So, the first thing is we make sure your onsite metadata, sitemaps, image tags, and actual website code are all in order so the bots can have an easier time evaluating your site. Then you have to look at your content. Are you using the right image to text ratio or keyword to word count ratio properly? Are you offering fresh content that is up to date that shows you off as an authority about your service or product? How are your backlinks and social media links doing? These are all thing we consider when you engage us to help with your organic SEO.

Social Media

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, social media is king! Establishing and maintaining a presence on various social media channels helps you build a relationship with clients and show them your brand personality while sharing some company insights. Whether you just need us to set everything up, advise you on how to use them or you want us to manage your @handles (that’s your profile tag) and #hashtags (these are your keyword trackers), we have a great design and marketing team to help your brand personality shine. We can clean up the branding on your pages, set up a posting schedule, create compelling content to share, and run campaigns your digital network will love. We know there are many different options and we can help figure out the avenues that are best for you, and which ones you don’t need to use.

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Analytics Tracking

Digital marketing with Analytics Tracking

Once all your digital tools are in place it is of utmost importance that you track the effectiveness of all your hard work. SEO and digital marketing, like any marketing, is not just a one-time shot in the arm. Successful marketing has and always will be about understanding your customer via research to uncover insights and using the latest tools to capture their interest and fulfill their needs. In other words, what worked for your customers last year or 3 years ago, may not work for them this year and the only way to tell is by analysis.

We can help implement ROI and tracking tactics for things like your website analytics, social media engagement and search engine ranking and provide you with reports that will inform you about your digital performance.

Blogging & Content Creation

Once you have finished doing all you can do for your inbound traffic and your visitors experience, by fine tuning your website, dressing up your social profiles and doing the due diligence to make sure your SEO is humming along, now we can focus on outbound marketing. Think of it as a way to go out and get customers that don’t just happen upon your doorstep (or in digital terms your landing page after they were searching in your area).

Don’t get me wrong, many people think outbound marketing techniques like direct mail, email blasts or digital ads are outdated, but here at The Studio, we believe it is all a balance and the percentage of marketing mix you need depends on your industry and your unique company offerings. We just want you to know we can help you hone your marketing mix and fulfill your need for on-going content creation, blog writing, ad creation, email blasts and manage publishing that content out there in the WWW.

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