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A good web design company really helps push you to the next level. You already sell high-end products or services, make sure you look the part. By investing in strong branding and well designed marketing materials, you separate yourself from the competition. AND – if you look like you are high-end, you can charge accordingly. People are willing to pay more when they perceive value. Look more valuable!

Did you know we can also take care of printing? Let us handle the complete package from creating the initial design to producing pieces of material including:

Business cards
brochures, postcards, folders
letterhead & envelopes,
signs & posters, and
tradeshow materials

Books and catalogs
Product packaging
Promotional materials
Anything else you need!

Logo and Brand Identity

What is a brand?

Many people misunderstand a brand as just the company logo. Incorrect –  Your brand is essentially the feeling people get when they look at all you offer. It’s your style, or personality. It’s in the colors you pick, your logo, the types of imagery you use, the way you write – everything tells a visual story of what they can expect from your business. So it’s vital that your brand always reflects your business.

So, what does your brand say about you? Are you putting your best face out there?  You wouldn’t go to an interview unkempt and unprepared! By investing in strong branding and well-designed marketing materials, you separate yourself from the competition. AND – if you look like you are high-end, you can charge accordingly. People are willing to pay more when they perceive value. Look more valuable!

logo and branding web design company

Printed Collateral

printed collateral branding web design company

It’s important that all print collateral match your overall company vision. Can we design spectacular pieces? Sure, but if you then go to a low end printer that gives you unworthy paper quality then your piece might not be so spectacular.  It’s important when creating different pieces that the designer has the paper stock and print techniques in mind so color matching, thickness and texture complement the design. So let us handle it all the way through to the finished product.

If you dream it, we can create it! From brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, tradeshow banners, booth designs, rack cards, annual reports, newsletters, event invitations, mailers, you name it! Make a good first impression.

PS: With as much printing as we do for our clients, we can probably save you a few dollars on it. 😉

Online Presence

Graphic Design isn’t just for printed media. You want your brand to be cohesive across all platforms. Our web design company can design your website, online ads, and social profiles to keep a unified brand look for your business, so clients know they are viewing web pages, profiles and ads associated with your company.

Functional design at its best!  Brand design isn’t just about being pretty.  It needs to function with ease and logically guide your viewers through your online portal. This is done most effectively when designers, web developers and marketers work as one…like we do here at The Studio!

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

boost your online presence with our web design company

Motion Graphics

We know marketing and branding is a cross-media business, and we are equipped to handle everything this entails, including creation of motion logos, infographics, and titling to go with your website and video projects. Adding visual interest to any type of marketing plan or video campaign will engage your viewers and increase their interest in your product or service. Even something as small as the introduction to your instructional video can make the difference in how your customers perceive you.

Did you know: 85% of people who watch videos are more likely to buy? Add movement to your branding with motion graphics!

Outside the Box

Some things we consider graphic design fall a little outside the box of normal thinking. So if you need a DVD or CD case wrap, album art, book covers and layouts, clothing design, promo ideas, or even photo retouching and restoration, we can help. If you have an idea, we can fill in the details and make it happen.

Got a tradeshow event coming up? We do all the moving parts of those too. We can design and produce banners, posters, tradeshow booths, giveaways and… Of course we can design the box, too!


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