It’s undeniable that music plays a big role in any type of video, whether it be a short film, a company intro reel, or a corporate video, music can set the mood, the tone, and convey emotions. Where words leave off, music begins. However, adding music to your video is not as simple as it may sound and you have to be smart when choosing the music for your project. A lot of music is copyrighted, which means you cannot use the music freely in your videos. If you need music for a video project, you need to find royalty free music so you won’t run into any problems down the line with copyright issues. Here is a quick overview of royalty free music and how you can obtain the perfect music for your project.

First, you need to keep in mind that not all music is available for general use in your video projects. Whether you are creating a short video clip or a longer video segment, you will need to use royalty free music for your project. Royalty free music may sound a little misleading since it technically is not free. You do have to pay a one-time fee to use the music, however, the one-time fee gives you the ability to use the artist/composer’s music for commercial use without having to worry about being sued or having the content flagged. Copyrighted music will put you at risk for legal repercussions or result in your content being flagged on certain sites. Copyrighted music is music that belongs to someone, and if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you need to receive authorization from the artist or composer. This is very important, especially if you plan on uploading a video to social media sites liked Instagram and Facebook as they will automatically flag your content as copyrighted and not allow you to post your video.

When you purchase a music license, make sure that you understand if there are additional fees based on how many times, where, or, the length of time you will use the music. Most royalty free music licenses are called “synchro licenses” that allows use as only background music, either with video or voice over. There are quite a few RFM websites you can visit to purchase music, here are a few examples:

Choosing the right music can definitely enhance a video project, and you want to be sure not to run into any copyright or licensing issues down the line. Keep this advice in mind and you should have no problem creating effective final products.