The guidelines are the same here as they were in the hair section. Keep it simple, natural and how you would look when walking into your audition or meeting. However, the makeup artist plays a stronger role in your session.

You will have lights and flashes reflecting off your face that may cause your skin tone to “wash out” or lose color. The makeup artist knows how to apply makeup that not only keeps your correct coloring, but also reduces the chance of post-production corrections. Any post-production changes are going to cost you time and money.

Since your eyes are the most important thing in your photo, your makeup artist will highlight them without making you look made up. Dark colors (one that compliments your eye color) should be used along your lash line to frame your eye and bring out the whites of your eyes. The shape of your eye will determine how much liner you should use. Please don’t get crazy with the liner. As long as something darkens your lash line, it should read correctly in your photo. When choosing colors for your eyelids, keep it natural and somewhat reflective (NOT glittery!). With most eye shapes, I recommend a slightly darker shade for the crease to give the eye more definition.  All eye shapes need a highlighting eye shadow to be placed under your eyebrow arch and on the inside corner of the eye; use a shimmery white for this effect. Trust me, as scary as it is to put a bright white shadow on your eyes, it will appear subtle in your photo. It gives your eye a sparkle, which is ever so charming. Don’t forget mascara. Usually, a clear will work to set brows and the blackest black for lashes to make them visible. Fake lashes need not apply, unless you wear them every day, don’t be tempted by the glamor!

The rest of your makeup is pretty straight forward. Your skin should look matte, and all one color. Make sure your makeup artist blends your foundation to your neck and ears. You don’t want your face to be one color and everything else a different shade. Your blush should be barely there and give you a happy glow. Your lips should be your natural color. This isn’t the time to wear your awesome new high-gloss red lipstick. Either pick a lipstick with a slight shine or go naked with just a touch of clear gloss.

Men, don’t think that you can get out of this one. True, you won’t need as much as the women, but you will need powder to reduce shine and glare. Remember; don’t deviate too far from how you would normally look when meeting someone for the first time.

Remember, they are called artists for a reason. Making you look naturally beautiful with a gallon of makeup on is an art. They are also good to have around because they aren’t used to seeing your face every day. They have a fresh perspective on your beauty and will use makeup to highlight what others see as your most unique features.

Of course, you can do your makeup yourself. Just like with your hair, practice a lot and take pictures after to see how it translates to the camera. Don’t forget to ask your friends for their opinions on how well you are putting your face together.