Gone are the early days of Internet, where a company could create a web presence and simply leave it to impart static information. Nowadays, more often than not, your website is your company’s first point of contact with your audience. It’s one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal—a tool that states a lot about your company and how diligent, savvy, creative, or cutting edge you are. Your website could also be seen as another member of your staff, an employee who works for you. And just like an employee’s training, what you put into it is what you will ultimately get from it.

The Internet is a constantly changing animal, and as such, your website should be a constantly evolving piece of marketing. It should never stay static.

Your website is all about first impressions. Just as someone responds to a person’s appearance when they first meet, your audience will respond to the visual appearance of your site. How current is it? Is it contemporary with other sites? What is your company about? It should be readily apparent.

As your business and your brand evolve, your website should also. It’s imperative that it coincides with your visual identity and accurately reflects your brand. If your site is out of date, it will reflect on your company, and users looking for a contemporary company might see you as obsolete. Your audience needs to know that if they choose your company they won’t be left in the technological, creative, or informative dust.

Updates should improve your site, and give your audience reasons to continually come back to your website. They should also offer something to the users of your site, so they benefit from their visit.

Just as a website’s appearance changes, function does also. Making sure that you have easy, current navigation is always an important aspect to a contemporary site. It should be concise, clean and to the point so users get the message quickly and can easily find what they are looking for.

Now that we’ve established how important updates are, when budgeting for your website, be sure to allow for continuous maintenance and periodic updates to both the look and content. In the land of evolving web presences, make sure that your company is the pinnacle for connecting with your audience and engaging customers!