Green Screen is an amazing art form that allows even the smallest video producers to create incredible content. It is one of the most effective ways to create scenes with endless imagination. But, green screen can also be very tricky and there are common mistakes often made. Before you attempt to set up your own green screen studio, here are some tips to follow.


Even the highest quality camera or best editor cannot fix bad lighting. When using green screen it is best to keeping lighting soft and even. This ensures that the background stay the same color and be easier to remove in the editing process. You also want to eliminate shadows as much as possible.

When it comes to lighting the subject of your segment, you want to achieve lighting that is complimentary to their features, To reduce shadows from wrinkles and other unwanted details, you should place light sources at two different angles and at 15 degrees from the backdrop.

When conducting lighting for the subject, it is important to keep in mind the end result. The lighting of the actor must be able to work with scene they end up in in post production.

Avoid Green Spill

One of the most annoying and tedious things to run into in post production is “green spill”. If green screen lighting is not done correctly, it can cause a green reflection to appear on your subject. Green Spill is difficult to edit and can leave your subject haloed by an unwanted green border.

Motion tracking

Also called motion moving or camera solving, motion tracking is a visual effects tool in the industry. One of the main uses of motion tracking is to place non existing objects into already filmed footage. Such objects include 2d or 3d characters, creatures, motion graphics and even text.

For green screen tracking, it is standard to use X shaped green or yellow markers to mark where future objects will be. To work best with camera movement, it is a good idea to set items at different distances. You can add green sticks or c-stands with markers on them or props with trackable textures to give your final product

Have Fun

Having the equipment and technique to effectively utilize green screen opens worlds of possibilities .  Let your imagination and creativity run free as you add this talent to your filmmaking repertoire. If you are looking to book a space for your next project, contact The Studio Rentals today!