You know you picked the wrong clothes for your photo when the first thing someone says is; “gee, that’s an interesting top”. The focus of your headshot is your eyes, always. Your eyes will capture the viewer. So if you have a crazy tie on or an overly patterned and bright shirt, no one will be able to notice anything else.

Try and find clothing that matches your personality, as well as your skin tone and hair color. To get an idea of what looks good with your coloring, listen to when someone comments on your outfit. If you notice that every time you wear your favorite blue shirt someone says, “You look nice today” it’s probably for a few reasons.  If it truly is a favorite shirt of yours, you most likely feel really good in it which makes you carry yourself in a confident way.  This is key in looking comfortable on camera. Your face has trouble hiding your true feelings, so if you are in a top you hate, that feels weird or is itchy, it’s almost impossible for you to cover it up.  Another reason you might “look nice today” is that the particular blue you are wearing goes perfectly with your eyes, hair, and skin tone. Lastly, this favorite shirt of yours stands out because it more than likely fits you really well. It’s close to impossible to look nice in something you had to squeeze yourself into, or that makes you look like you are wearing something made for someone three times your size.

I have olive skin, hazel eyes, and light brown hair, so jewel tones work the best for me. My favorite colors are pink and purple. When I go in for headshots, I always wear purple. Purple also brings out green, so my eyes are accentuated. Not only do I feel good in purple, but it also makes me look good. Win win!

A few other guidelines you should follow. Wear solids, avoid black and white, and avoid “trendy” or high fashion items. Your clothes should complement you, not stand out. Headshots are usually kept for a while, so be sure to pick something basic and classic.  The things to think about when finding your win, win outfit; Color, comfort, and fit. Remember, keep it simple, keep it solid, and keep it you.