To prepare for your voice over recording session, find the quietest area you have with suitable space to accommodate your talent and all the necessary gear. Once you have picked out the area, follow these 5 simple steps to achieve quality voice over recordings.

  1. Sound proof the area well using sound dampening sheets, foam, egg cartons or any sound absorbing material. Cover as many hard surfaces as you can as they tend to reflect sound.
  1. When choosing a microphone, make sure always to go for the best quality available mic you have. Usually, a mic with XLR input or USB is preferable, and they are affordable and can produce good quality recording. For more professional quality, use a Dynamic broadcast or large diaphragm condenser microphone. They offer a rich vocal reproduction quality, but the downside is they are expensive and require an additional application to run on your computer.
  1. Mount the mic using a shock mount to limit any movement your voice over actor may cause as they will be recording pretty close to the microphone. To limit the pops, hisses and sibilance use a pop filter, which can be bought or even made by using an embroidery hoop, pantyhose, and some clamps.
  1. While recording, your talent might be watching a video playback for reference. To avoid any disturbances distracting your talent, provide them with a good quality circumaural headphones with ear cups that fully encase your talents ears. This will limit any background noise from seeping in, limiting distractions and allowing for their full concentration.
  1. Finally, once all your recordings are done it’s time to edit your audio. For that extra touch, use a Compressor filter to amplify quieter sounds while reducing louder sounds for a smoother more even result, an EQ filter can also be used to eliminate sibilance or other unwanted sounds.

There you have it. Follow these tips the next time you record your voice over and you’ll be sure to have a more impressive and engaging narrative. Need voice over services? Check out our video production services.