When starting a small business, you have to make decisions about where to spend money. One area that you might be tempted to neglect is graphic design for your branding and marketing materials. This includes everything from your logo and business cards to brochures and websites. However, not including graphic design in your budget could cause long-term harm to a small business. Sometimes it is hard to know where to prioritize, where to allocate funds and what to keep or cut but here are 5 reasons why a small business should invest in graphic design.

First impressions are important

When a potential customer meets you for the first time, and you hand them a business card or brochure they will instantly form an opinion of your company based on the visual appearance of these materials. Having a clean, well-designed website or brochure will provide a good first impression and instantly appeal to customers on a visual level. First impressions really do make a difference and can have a significant impact on the end result or sale.

Helps you stand out

If you have a logo specifically designed for your company, you will be unique and stand out from your competition. Hiring a creative professional will ensure you have the best tools available to set yourself apart from any similar companies. Having a dedicated graphic designer produce all your brand and marketing materials will also guarantee you have a consistent look across all mediums. From website to brochures and business cards, you want to make sure your company is easily recognizable and has a uniform appearance. You want customers to be able to recognize your company, no matter where they see your name or logo.

Influence customers

Good design will spark the interest of potential customers and ultimately attract them to your company over your competitors. How you present your brand through your logo and other design elements can tell your story to your customer, appeal to them on an emotional level and influence them to inquire further about your services. When it comes down to choosing between several companies that offer similar services, someone is more likely to choose the one that presents itself well, has a polished appearance and attractive designs. Graphic design can mean the difference between a client selecting you over another rival in your area.

Will save you time and money in the long run

As a small business owner, your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t be spending time on graphic design. Hiring a professional to handle your graphic design needs, leaves you able to think about larger business aspects and time to get out there and make sales. Leave the designing to an expert and focus on your strengths for the business. Also, developing a strong brand image at the beginning will enable you to maintain that for years to come. If you don’t take the time to develop quality pieces, then you will eventually need to redesign aspects of your brand. Skimping up front can cost you more in the long run.

Higher conversions

Good design is effective design; you don’t want people just to admire your attractive website you want them to actually make a purchase or take an action. A well-designed website or brochure can actually increase the likelihood of a customer taking the next step and investing in your company. Professional graphic design can help you attain actual measurable results and increase your conversion rate. Also, if you look like a high-end business you can charge accordingly. If your brand looks low-quality, then people will expect that and assume they can pay you at a lower rate. However, if your materials are high quality they will expect the same results from your services and be willing to invest a little extra money into your services and products.

Graphic design can greatly influence customer behavior. It can mean the difference between someone choosing you over a competitor, turn them from a visitor to your site to actually making a purchase and ultimately help you stand out and build a strong brand presence in your industry.