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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tips for Filming Interviews

Filming an interview is different than filming an event or live action film – it requires someone who understands the social aspects of asking someone to talk about their personal life or work. The interviewee needs to be able to...
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Team Highlight: Jay Carpio

This month we’re exploring the power of video and the art of filmmaking. Jay is our videographer and storytelling guru. He is our master of all things interactive and develops captivating stories for our customers. His love of film and...
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Why Video is Important for Your Marketing Strategy

Video is claiming a new role in the digital world and becoming ever more prominent in marketing. From landing pages to social media and YouTube, video is dominating the current digital marketing landscape, and for good reason. Video should be...
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5 Tips for Shooting Home Video on Your Phone

With the advancement in cell phones, everyone has a video camera in the pocket at all times. This means you will probably try to make a short home video at some point in the future. Whether it’s a short film...
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