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Monthly Archives: August 2016

What is Royalty Free Music?

It’s undeniable that music plays a big role in any type of video, whether it be a short film, a company intro reel, or a corporate video, music can set the mood, the tone, and convey emotions. Where words leave...
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Tips for Capturing Good Event Audio

Capturing Event Audio: Basic Concept When Capturing event audio, there are a couple of things one must follow to get the best audio possible. There is a saying: “You could have the best footage in the world, but if your...
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5 Tips for Recording Better Voice Overs

To prepare for your voice over recording session, find the quietest area you have with suitable space to accommodate your talent and all the necessary gear. Once you have picked out the area, follow these 5 simple steps to achieve...
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Creating Album Artwork

As an artist creating album artwork is an important part of your overall brand and can communicate a lot about your music to your fans or potential listeners. Your album artwork is the audiences first visual exposure to you as...
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