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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Humor in Corporate Writing

Incorporating humor into your writing might seem unnatural you’re a writer for a comedy series or looking to entertain your readers with funny anecdotes. This idea probably sounds illogical if you work in a corporate setting and likely doesn’t come...
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Team Highlight: Vicky Sinnett-Smith

In this month’s staff highlight, we are exploring the power of the written word and featuring Vicky Sinnett-Smith, our resident wordsmith, marketing specialist, and world explorer. Vicky wears many hats as The Studio’s marketing specialist. She is project manager, social media expert,...
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Marketing Your Own Book

You’ve decided to write a book and have spent numerous hours writing, editing and revising to produce the final product, and now you might not know how to generate some buzz and attract readers. Word of mouth recommendations are great,...
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Words for Websites

The content you include on your website has many functions. First it describes your product and services to your potential customers, and second, it can affect how people find your website in the first place as including specific keywords in...
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Websites 101

There are a lot of moving parts to create a website but when you break it down to a few simple steps it makes creating one seem more manageable. Maybe you have an idea for a website but you aren’t...
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Content Creation Tips: The 5 W’s

Sitting down to write an article or any piece of content often starts with the thought, what should I write? The hardest part about writing anything is thinking of actual content and getting those first few sentences down. A good...
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