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Monthly Archives: June 2016

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Prioritize Graphic Design

When starting a small business, you have to make decisions about where to spend money. One area that you might be tempted to neglect is graphic design for your branding and marketing materials. This includes everything from your logo and...
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Hierarchy of Design

When designing anything, from a brochure or magazine to a web page it is important to think about the visual hierarchy of the piece. This means thinking about placement, size and color of each component; where everything will be placed,...
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White Space Is Not the Enemy

When it comes to being creative, everything is subjective. However, we all know a good design when we see it developed to its full potential. What is good design? Good design means functional design – when the content in question...
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Team Highlight: Tuan Nguyen

With the end of the academic year this month we are exploring arts and education and featuring Tuan Nguyen, our own artist and teacher, in our staff spotlight. Tuan is The Studio’s graphic designer and has been an instructor for various...
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What Our Brand Means to Us

The Studio’s motto is “infinite possibilities,” so it seemed only appropriate that we design a logo that has multiple meanings. In our world of design and marketing, creativity is everything and having the ability for each of our clients and...
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Announcing Our New Website and Special Offer

We’re excited to announce the debut of our new website and give away a freebie! In between our busy client production schedule, we’ve managed to build a brand new website! Rebuilt from the ground up, the new site provides a comprehensive...
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