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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Life Expectancy of Tape vs. DVD

Most likely you have some old VHS tapes sitting at home that you probably haven’t watched in quite a few years. You may be asking yourself do they still even work? Or how can I preserve these memories for the...
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Do You Need a UPC Barcode?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code, which usually consists of a 12-digit number underneath a barcode. This is most likely something you’ve noticed on products you buy from any retail store. A unique number is assigned to merchandise, identifying both...
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How To Use The Cyclorama Wall

A white cyclorama wall, or cyc wall or infinite-wall is a construction with two planes smoothly merging horizontally and vertically. This structure helps creates an infinity effect of the same tone. Cyc walls were first used in television and news...
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Age Old Question, What Am I Going to Wear?

You know you picked the wrong clothes for your photo when the first thing someone says is; “gee, that’s an interesting top”. The focus of your headshot is your eyes, always. Your eyes will capture the viewer. So if you...
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The One Pushing Buttons

The person behind the big black lens, clicking buttons and telling you to look this way and stand that way is your photographer. They are the ones responsible for capturing your pretty face on “film”. Choosing the right photographer is...
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