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Monthly Archives: February 2016

PPC Advertising vs. Organic Ranking

Ever wonder how to get you business featured on the first page of search engine results? There are two approaches to increasing your chances of appearing on the first page of results – Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and organic...
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Things To Consider Before Going to Print

Unlike digital projects, once print projects are completed mistakes cannot be fixed. Making sure that your print document is designed correctly, edited, and exported properly will save time and money later. The following list will help you avoid mistakes and...
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Replication vs. Duplication

Understanding the difference between replication and duplication will allow you to choose the best method for your project. The two processes differ mainly in the amount of time required to complete each method and actual desired quantity. Replicated Media Replicated...
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SEO Basics – Keywords

Say that you wanted to search for a picture of a Tiger, what would type in the search bar? “Tiger Pic” maybe, or “Picture of Tigers”? Something along those lines though right? Not, “lossy compression digital images of Tigers” or...
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