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Monthly Archives: October 2015

How Marketing and Branding Work Together

Developing your brand and marketing strategy can be slightly overwhelming at first if you aren’t sure what those words actually mean or how they influence each other. You may be asking yourself what is the difference between branding and marketing?...
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Why is Discovery so Important?

Before you embark on a branding or marketing initiative, you should invest some time into a valuable process: discovery. The discovery process will give you the information you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and help you understand the...
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Marketing 101

You might be thinking about implementing a marketing strategy for your company but don’t understand what that entails or how to initiate an effective plan. Every day, you are surrounded by marketing campaigns, from print ads to commercials and online...
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Is it important to update your website?

Gone are the early days of Internet, where a company could create a web presence and simply leave it to impart static information. Nowadays, more often than not, your website is your company’s first point of contact with your audience....
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